Founded in 2012, Inner West Roller Derby League (IWRDL) is an inclusive and empowering roller derby community based in Sydney’s Inner West. Our league is made of people from all walks of life, keen to develop their skills and embody the values and spirit of our local community.

Keen to catch a game? Our season runs from February to November, with public games advertised here and on our Facebook.

We play in a number of local and national competitions, including The Great Southern Slam (TGSS), 5×5 and Eastern Region Roller Derby (ERRD). After a tough competition, Inner West took out the division 2 title in the 2017 5×5 Roller Derby Championships, a round robin tournament which sees teams face off from across NSW and the ACT. We will be hoping to repeat our strong performance as we move into division 1 in 2018.

We’re always looking to grow our derby community, so whether you’re a skater or prefer to help out on the sidelines or behind the scenes, we’d love to have you. Click here to find out more.

Meet the Team

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IWRDL wouldn’t exist without the Inner West community. Whether you’re interested in playing, refereeing, volunteering or sponsoring the team, there’s a place for anyone who’s looking for an inclusive, friendly and energetic derby family.

Experienced derby girl looking to transfer?

We’d love to meet you! If you’ve passed minimum skills, you’re welcome to trial with us for two weeks fee-free to see if you’re into the Inner West vibe. Contact us at

New to skating (or never skated before!) and keen to learn?

Congrats on taking your first wobbly steps into derby! We’ve partnered with the University of Sydney Roller Derby League (USRDL), who have an awesome freshies program designed to get you bouting in no time. While it’s a university league, anyone can join! It’s pay-per-session with skate and gear hire for just $2 – great if you want to try it out before you commit to getting your own gear. Skaters who pass their minimum skills test with USRDL are then eligible to transfer to the Inner West. For more information, check out USRDL here.

Love derby but not keen on skating?

Inner West is entirely run off the sweat, tears and barbecues of our incredible volunteer community. Whether you’re interested in refereeing, commentating or supporting the league in organising bouts and running fundraising events, there’s a place for everyone on our team.

Interested in sponsorship opportunities?

As a not-for-profit sporting team, support from the local community means we can let the skaters focus on skating. If you’re interested in a one-off or longer term partnership, contact us on


Thanks for your interest in Inner West Roller Derby League. To get in touch, just leave us a message below, or check us out on Facebook or Instagram.